For Tenants

During the present pandemic conditions it is essential that we all work together in following official information and adhere to the Government’s guidance.

All tenants should continue to make rental payments in full and on time as usual. In the event you are affected financially by the Coronavirus pandemic please contact our offices with an explanation of your circumstances. As staff may well be working from home, you will find an email to to be the most reliable and effective form of communication; nonetheless, in the event the office is unmanned, our telephones will be regularly checked for messages.

Taylors Lettings policy in such situations will be to approach your landlord for their advice and instruction on the matter. Please be assured we will encourage all our landlords to work with their tenants positively and with understanding throughout this very difficult period, however please do appreciate some landlords may similarly find themselves in some degree of financial stress as a result of the pandemic.

Given the Government policy regarding Coronavirus, Taylors Lettings are suspending all periodic maintenance inspections and will therefore be particularly reliant on tenants reporting issues that they note as needing repair. Whilst we will endeavour to undertake maintenance works wherever possible, particularly those of an urgent or critical nature, please do appreciate that during periods of enforced isolation, it will prove extremely difficult to do so.

Note especially that as each person’s situation is unique, our staff are unfortunately unable to answer speculative “What happens if…?” type-questions  Please only contact us if you are directly affected in order that we may direct our efforts on helping those who in genuine and immediate need.

In addition, it would be greatly appreciated if you could limit telephoning our offices unless absolutely necessary due to the very high call volumes we are currently experiencing.

Government advice is changing regularly and we will keep this page updated as the situation progresses.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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